Monthly Archives: May 2010

I want that app


I’ve been looking for apps for my iPad and I wasn’t sure what to get.  Do I need that Twitter app?  How about that connected to IMDB?

And then I heard this story and I knew what app I really wanted.

A German exchange student was walking home one night when three attackers mugged him in a dark alley.  Lucky for the exchange student the alley backed onto a Ninjutsu training centre and one of the student was standing in the shadows as the attack occured.  Quickly he raced inside, gathered a few of his fellow Ninjas and ran out at the startled muggers.  Surprised by four dark shadows racing towards them in the gloom of the alleyway, the mugger ran.

Though the muggers got away from the heroic ninjas the fact that they were there when the German exchange student needed them makes me think…is there an app for that?

Where is my nearest ninja training centre?