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The Dungeon Generator


The Lich s Secret Fortress 05 (player)Being a pretty new dungeon master the only dungeon generator I had personal experience with was the one in the DMG.  Go to the section, roll a dice and it will determine the feature the dungeon has as that spot.  Rince and repeat until you have a dungeon to call your own.

But I was lazy, and online so went searching for an automated system that would do it all for me.  Of course there are dozens

I went with DonJon’s Dungeon Generator for no particular reason, but was so happy with the results I had to add it here for future reference.


Illustrate is a players version of a very simple dungeon I required for a devious Lich in a future storyline.  The DMs version of the map includes all doors, locked, unlocked and secret doors as well as details on traps and inhabitants for the level specified.

Searching a little futher of course I found excellent articles here and here on online DM tools which include all of DonJon’s generators.  I’ll stick it here for my future reference.

Thanks you guys, you are awesome!