Monthly Archives: May 2008

Make them sing for their supper.


As a taxpayer I like to see value for money in my politicians and today has seen a huge contrast in “Added Value Service”

Acting Premier Kevin Foley and Liberal leader Martin Hamilton-Smith jammed together in a bipartisan busk in an Adelaide Shopping Centre to help raise funds for Burmese Cyclone victims. It seems the Acting Premier sang while Leader of the Opposition played the bongos. Probably the only time he’s had the government follow his beat. You can listen to part of their session here.

And then we have Dr Brendan Nelson. *sigh* :-~ In a tirade against the Prime Minister he recently showed his frustration and stated “…I wash my hands of the concerns of everyday Australia.” Er…Brendan, your only reason for being a politician is to give a damn about everyday Australia. You’re also in Opposition so you don’t get to decide how things are to be done, but to keep government in line. If you are tired of doing this (after only 6 month) well then I suggest you get out, you are not suited to the position.

As one of the 21 million who help pay their wages, I know where I see real value for money. I’ve always heard the cost of living in Adelaide was good.