Monthly Archives: January 2008

What REALY hurts


Oh Horror! 

The humanity!  The humanity!…


Let me explain.

With the demise of Heath Ledger many great movies will be delayed or cancelled altogether as they find themselves without an actor.  One such movie would have been The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, a new adventure by the creative grey cells of Terry Gilliam.

After the nightmare that was the five days of shooting for The Man who killed Don Quixote, Terry was probably looking forward to a gently tour through imagination with some excellent and reliable actors as tour guides.  And then Heath dies and the movie has gone from being in production to project-shutdown.

Poor Terry, his creative vision once again stifled by chance, dumb luck, ill fate.  Terry Gilliam may be have some bad choices in this life, but unless one of those choices involved a short-changed fortune teller or a badly placed mirror, he’s done nothing to deserve the bad luck he’s faced.

Yes, it is a tragedy to we’ve lost Heath acting skill; it’s a sad fact that he’s daughter will grow up not knowing her daddy and his family have lost their son.  But, the greatest catastrophe to come out of Heath’s death as yet again another Terry Gilliam masterpiece falls into the black pit of unfulfilled dreams.