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Wednesday 23 October


What a day.

So our before 8am to drop the car in for servicing.  At the same time it got the cleaning it thoroughly deserved.  The mechanic dropped me back at home and Narla and I walked up to Dad’s to introduce the two dogs.

Narla did well, but as usual Mikey just could chill with another dog in the house.  He’s use living in a one dog home so I guess you can’t blame him.  By 12.30pm we had all had enough of his antics and sow I walked Narla back home and fooled around with my latest craft project.

IMG_0633 copy

The glass pebbles without white stripes can be engraved from the back (on the flat side) which left the top smooth and shiny.  Those with the stripe needed engraving from the front.  I need to work out how to replace bits as the one I have on currently have a grinding bit that is much too big and clumsy.

I was ready to settle in for the rest of the day, but an email came through suggesting a game either tonight or tomorrow night.  I rang up my friend and we decided that regardless of the game, we’d get together for some craft.


We’d been talking about making My Little Pony portraits for our The Strange characters.  And I’ve just finished inking in the images.


Left to right:  Peggy, Rain (Tobias), Bruce and Algernon.  Tomorrow we’ll colour them in before the game.  I think they look pretty good.