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Neil Gaiman on the importance of reading and libraries


Neil Gaiman has always been a firm advocate for libraries, reading for pleasure and books in general.  You may say he’s biased, he writes the things he wants to make sure that he still has a market for his addictive substance.  But in a talk given recently for the Reading Agency he elequently stated why he thinks humans needs reading, books and libraries.

On Planet Word, a four part series created by the BBC Stephen Fry admitted that he “…would not be who I am today if it weren’t for libraries.”

Fry’s Planet Word Ep.4

Libraries are:

 – gateways imagination and innovation

 – links toother ideas and other ways  of thinking

 –  totally democratic and free to everyone, everyone is a respected patron no matter how small

 – for very few of us, access to the world that libraries provide helps to create greatness.