Monthly Archives: September 2008

Only in Australia…and possibly New Zealand


Here’sa story of a theft so daring that their calling the perpetrators “Masterminds”.  So you may be wondering about my title, why could this audacious theft could have only occurred here in Australia or possibly New Zealand.  Well it involves sheep.

It seems 100 pregnant ewes were stolen from a property near Ceduna, South Australia.  In all fairness the plan did net them $10,000 dollars worth of live stock not a small feat with 100 very large and boisterous sheep, but to have the thieves described as Masterminds seems a little extreme.  But I think I solved the problem of finding someone with the mind to move a mob of sheep expertly and without a trace.

The article mentions that one of two good sheep dogs would have made the job possible for a small amount of men.  But I say that a small amount of men to drive trucks and open and close gates would have made it possible for two sheep dogs to commit this crime.  You heard me, the masterminds behind this well engineered plot is in fact the sheepdogs themselves. 

Sheepdogs have been breed over millennium to move sheep, get them to do what they want them to.  They are uniquely developed to get into the mind of a sheep.  Then, look at the lists of the Top 10 smartest breeds of dogs and what do you find.  Blue healers, German Shepherds, Shetland Sheepdogs and topping the list border collies.  Highly intelligent animals  born and bred to do exactly what’s happened here.

So  our masterminds, are sitting comfortably in the back of utes, are being chauffeured even now to their next big heist.  Be warned of wolf in disguise.