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I love my library


There’s about twelve guys in very fine suits, scratching their heads. I’m in a boardroom at a major Hollywood talent agency, having just presented my internet musical, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.  With me are the other writers:  my brother Jed, my sister-in-law Maurissa, my brother Zack and Felicia Day.  Though we’ve created the piece, we have no clearer idea of what to do with it, how to actually put it on the internet, than these fine-suited minds do.  They hem and haw.  Their resident internet expert suggests tentatively that we could maybe put it on YouTube – but only if we cut it up into three-minute bits, because no one watches more than three minutes of anything.

Which is when the redhead pipes up.

I’ve asked Felicia to come because I know she’s internet savvy; her series, The Guild, was a guidepost for me in mounting Dr Horrible.  I’ve sat with her, a couple of times, to learn about how it all works.  I know she knows her stuff, but it’s still a surprise and a delight to hear her take the conversation and just run with it, own it, slam-dunk it, knock it out of the part – .  She sport-metaphors the SHIT out of that meeting.  Talks rings around all of us, experts included:  This site has the bandwidth but not the views; this one requires a fee; yes we could go here and charge up front but we’d be compromising the ethos of the endeavour…I’m practically glowing, watching this girl, who looks all of fourteen, school a roomful of Professional Agent-Men and I realise, oh, of course: I’m having a Buffy moment.  They never saw her coming.


Forward by Joss Whedon, You’re never weird on the Internet (almost) by Felicia Day (2015) p. xi

I found this book while at my library today.  I was so surprised to see it as it often feels that my private life, spent watching way too much YouTube shows, and public library at work do not mix.  But there it was, ready to borrow in all of its glittery scifi glory (at least Felicia’s dress was).  To find one of my cultural icon’s book on the shelf of the public library made me feel connected to the wider world than usual.


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