Miztres is many things to many people, but the one that pays the morgage is a Library Technician in the Public Library system, Sydney Australia.

Besides commenting on topics that she hold near unicorn.gifand dear (or at least dear while they are near) she helps you with your book selections and explains that overdue fines are not just another way council raises revenue.

Her dreams and ambitions are simple: to spread the humour and good common sense of Australia culture around the world.  With this in mind she endeavours to write blogs of interest and wit for everyone with a spare few minutes to fill in.

And remember, unicorns are important for they are the children of imagination.

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  1. LIFE
    all know so much about it , till when it turns a new way , ppl cry
    they feel d pain, and as time goes by , they sigh….
    they try to laugh about the past , which was there,
    and needless to say around there frnds it’s all they share,
    then why suddenly past is bold
    and the prsnt coffee is cold
    why the artifects all sold
    and d newgifts aren’t unfold….

    life is nt made by d pain
    it’s the love which we gain….

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