Monthly Archives: July 2010

Yes, as a Librarian I can read minds


Yesterday, one of my staff mates found herself wondering if, as a librarian, she should be developing her psychic powers.  A girl came in  with a list of recommended titles from her English class.  Excellent.  I would show her where the catalogue is and let her get on with finding one or two she’d like me to get for her.  My workmate is kinder and decided to look the titles up for her.

The first few were all out, being very popular youth novels.  Finally my workmate found one and informed the girl that it could be available from our branch the next day.

“Oh, I don’t want that one.” She informs my workmate who moves to the next title on the list, also available.

“I don’t want that one either.”

Finally, my workmate got the message,

“You tell me what you want.”

Sometimes it pays to be mean.