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That’s just too much like hard work


I’ve been spending some  time on my A story blog blog having fun with some fan fiction.  Well, at least the rough drafts are fun.  Second draft is work and final sometimes brings tears as I tear my hair out over a phrasing.

Sometimes it’s just too much hard work.

Today I went to a Children’s Librarian conference where Lincoln Hall spoke on his new book Alive in the death zone. He told us how he came to write the adult version Dead Lucky.

If you don’t know the story, he was a mountain climber who died on Mount Everest and was left only to be found the next morning alive and walked himself back down to safety.

He’d only just made it off the mountain a few weeks before when publisher were at him for his story.  Only problem was, they wanted in time for the next climbing season in six months.   But the poor man had no fingers.  Two workingthumbs and eight small stumps were all that was left of his hands after frostbite hand eaten away at his extremities. As a result, publisher gave a small advance for him to hire someone to type up the transcript from his dictation and do basic editing.

THE MAN HAD JUST DIED AND WALKED HIMSELF OFF EVEREST!  For pity sake, give him a break!  He had just lived through a seriously traumatic experience and he was still trying to piece through broken memories of true life and delusion he suffered on the mountain.  He couldn’t concentrate on anything for more than an hour before having to rest.  He two good thumbs didn’t allow him to write, but did allow him to work the dictaphone.

And that’s how they wrote the book in time for the publishers seasonal deadline.

I’m afraid that just sounded like WAY too much like hard work.