Monthly Archives: October 2009

We always knew they left their brains at the border…


There is a tension between those who live in New South Wales and those who choose to live in Queensland.  Queenslander’s talk slower, with a drawl that suggests they may be too closely related to their wives.  Every call centre in Australia dreads getting a call from a number with a (07) prefix because they know no matter how simple the reqest there’s going to be trouble.  Yes, I guess us southerners have always suspected that those who live in Queensland are few cells short of a full cerebrum.

But there’s something a little more sinister going on. 

The Undead walk the streets of Brisbane and here’s the photographic evidence.

Though these zombies shuffle and limp for brains it’s all part of a charity walk that gathers thousands of zombies and parades them down the streets of Brisbane. 

Yes, yes, it’s all fun and games until they bite some one and then there in plague proportions and heading over the border.  Well Queensland, we suffer your cane toad and Japanese tourists, but don’t ask us suffer zombies shuffling south.

And just in case you thought it was a new phenomena, there are some brilliant images from 2008.