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Tuesday 22 October


I had wanted to get the car serviced today, but the mechanic were swamped so I said I’d make it for tomorrow.  So first thing off to Dad’s to say hi and then off to one of my favourite shops, the giant St Vincent de Paul’s out at Bonnyrigg.  You just never know what you’re going to find.

links awakening

Another thing I’ve wanted to do this holiday is play a little Legend of Zelda:  Link’s Awakening.  This was the first Zelda game I ever played on Gameboy and I’m really enjoying the ultra cute new graphics.

ultra cute link

I remembered most of the swapping game up to giving the honeycomb to the bear and now I’m in unchartered territory.  I’m stuck on the slime boss currently.

I also bought someone of the most beautiful glass pebbles.  Inspired by yesterdays crow footprint pebble I went hunting inspiration


I now have access to a Dremel and beautiful glass pebbles that look like they’d make really beautiful art objects.  Stay tuned.


Almost forgot.  We’ve had Narla for a full week today.  We still can’t her and the cat in the same room together and she get’s fixated with something under the house for hours on end and won’t come out….other than that she’s been a real delight.  She loved people, she’s really well behaved around other dogs, walks are coming along and training times are fun for both of us.

IMG_0627 (1)