Monthly Archives: July 2011

My helping hand


A friend, whose love of Halloween and all things spooky know no bounds, once had a model hand that scuttled across a hard surface when someone was nearby. Recently I was reminded again of that spooky novelty hand and decided that I really needed one. I would call it Spare and it would be my constant companion in life. Here are some of the uses I’d put Spare to:

If friends needed help I could give it to them as my helping hand.

 I’d keep it on my right shoulder and it could be my right-hand man.

If it happened to be a right hand I’d put a plastic knife in its hand and call it Dexter.

Or If a left hand I’d find it a funny hat and call it goofy.

I could start a serious study into the sound of one hand clapping.

Need to start a new project, I’ll just turn my hand to it.

With a bird in the hand I could go after the two in the bush.

 I know it would always be at hand.

 I could always leave a task in safe hands.

 Need to vote on something, well lets see a show of hands.

Feel I can’t deal with a situation, I can just wash my hand of it.

Difficult person, nah I have them feeding out of the palm of my hand.

 I’d never lose anything, it would always be at my fingertips.

See how useful a Spare hand can be.