Monthly Archives: February 2008

Ah…the way to start the day


Everyone loves dumb criminal stories right?  If you don’t you’re probably one of said dumb criminals and are use to being laughed at.  This is a story I heard on the way to work this morning.

bikers_180.jpgWednesday night at about 8.50pm a gang of knife and machete wielding bandits raided the Regents Park bowling club.  Twenty or so members were inside for a Trivia night, these were all commanded to lie on the floor as the bandits made their way to bar to empty the till.

Unknown to them the local bikie gang were having their annual meetings in the auditorium.  Just when the bandits thought they had what they came for, out the double doors of the auditorium comes a roaring hoard of 80 black clad barbarians wielding chairs like war axes.

Panic quickly spread through the gang as chairs started flying in their direction.  One was tackled by a gang member in the carpark and one escaped.  One was eventually taken to hospital and is under armed guard.  Now, I know what you’re thinking.  The gang caught up with this unfortunate.  Well, no.  In his blind panic he ran flat into a glass door and knocked himself out.

If you wrote that in a novel people would claim it was far fetched.  That’s why I love this story.  Besides it being karma at work in the lives of obviously bad people, they’re not going to even have the satisfaction of boasting about their crimes in jail; particularly the one who fought the door…and the door won.