Monthly Archives: September 2010

The power of boy


Fire and Ice may have been two choices for Robert Frost and the world may have a found the atom,  plastic, pollution and simple CO2 to destroy the world with, but I think I’ve found a new way bringing the end of the world nearer with little fuss. 

The power of the boy.

We’ve just had renovations completed at our branch library.  Including a new desk and foyer a new returns area with one way glass was installed only last week, the final safety film put in place a few days ago.  It looked great, very clean and a little stylish (well for a suburban library anyway).  It was like that for all of two days.

4pm yesterday afternoon a family returned their books to the library. The youngest, a boy of 5, put his books through the hole in our class wall and watched them fall away to fall into the book bin somewhere below, beyond his vision.  His sisters ran back to the car, but he had to know where his books were so, we think, he jumped up and stuck his head in the window to have a look.

All I know is the bang!  Loud and sharp, like a large bird crashing into a window but much louder.  I was at the other side of the library .  I saw the little boy running back to his family car rubbing his head and knew something was up.  Walking into the foyer I saw the brand new, just completed that week, beautiful one way glass returns window destroyed by radiation cracked from top to bottom.

Both me and the security guard chased after the boy.  My boss does not get tired of retelling how I yelled after him,  “Don’t you run away after breaking our window.”

Now if one little boy can destroy an entire window with just his head, what destruction could we wreak of we were able to harness the power of the boy.