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Covid-19 Not to do: Microwave books


There are many things we do need to do at this time. Keeping your distance from people, wearing face masks in public and washing your hands and surfaces.

We’ve also heard of a few don’t dos:

Don’t kill your pet dog or cat for fear it will spread the virus.

Don’t take hydroxychloroquine, the side effects are worse than the virus its trying to prevent.


As libraries are reopening to the public, it seems that some library members are taking it into their own hands to “sanitise” the books with heat…in microwave ovens.


  1. Microwaves do not produce heat. They excite water molucules in food, that movement causes heat. There’s not a lot of water in books.
  2. There’s no proof that the type of heat you can create at home (and would not destroy a book) would effect the virus
  3. Books at your library are quarantined for 24-72 hours before being put on shelves
  4. Books covered in plastic do not hold the virus for more than 24 hours
  5. Library books have metal tags called RFIDs that are used to indentify them to scanning technology. These have been known to ignite when put into microwaves causing a fire hazard.

All respect to the ten commandments, but ‘Do Not…” message are not well received by humans. We tend to see the action and ignore the “Do Not…” in front. So here are some other ways of getting through to those who think they know better.

Books santised for your protection.

Microwave your coffee, not a book

Book are made of paper and cardboard…get the hint!