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Hello world!


13 December 2007

It has been five months since writing the title to this blog and I thought I’d take a look  and see what’s happened in my world since then:

Crowded House toured.  From being in that blessed state of anticipation in July through the rush, bussle and excitement to the post-gig stupor.  I look back now and see not just another Neil Finn gig but another gig without the soul of the party.  Don’t get me wrong, Neil Finn and Nick Seymour (pictured) and assorted cronies including Neil’s oldest, Liam, put on a good show.  But Crowded House fans always felt more than just gig goers…we were part of the band.  We knew it was bad when Paul died, we knew it intellectually, we knew it emotionally…but I don’t know if I knew it musically…spiritually?…until the tour.  Not that Matt Sherrod isn’t a comperable drummer to the departed.  Any one who was at the gig’s and was hit by the power of Private Universe could attest to that.  We just missed our friend, Matt, nothing personal.

The APEC leader’s conference in September was highly significant to Sydneysiders.  Not because of the economic and political decisions made at the conference, not because George W. graced our shores with his sizable presence (40 odd car convoys), not even the chasers arrest for passing the checkpoints dressed in middle eastern dress or seeing Pacific leaders in yet more ridiculous fancy dress.  Why Sydney will always hold fond memories of the APEC summit is for the long weekend we were all given.  Public holiday for all…well, almost all.

Of course, just recently, the Federal Election where Australian’s made history and ousted the current Prime Minister from his seat of Benelong.  Even better, his seat was taken by a woman, a rare commodity in Australian politics.  John Howard became only the second Prime Minister to lose his seat, the other being Stanley Bruce in 1923.   A bit of a sad and pathetic ending to a man who has been a force in Australian politics for 3 decades.

Interesting half a year, don’t you think?