Monthly Archives: December 2009

Thoughts of the present….for the future


It seems fitting, as we look at the start of a new decade in a few days time, to focus our attentions on worthwhile thoughts.  Not new years resolutions, maybe new life resolutions.

With this in mind, Seth Godin collected the writings of some of todays most thoughtful people and created a free ebook called What Matters NowHe’s asked that interested people email or post the links to this book to others that we know in the hope of reaching 5 million people with its thought provoking, affirming and even inspiring pages.

For me, so far, two pages have affirmed me on my path this year.

The first, titled Strength reminds us to always work on our strengths because that’s what we love, where our passions lie, and look for those around us who complement us by filling in for our weaknesses.  This last year at work has reminded me how true this statement is.  I have discovery of my polar opposite, who fills in for my weakness as I fill in hers.   I’m dynamic and ideas driven, she’s patient and details orientated.  She’ll patiently put up with my nonsense knowing that I’ll come up with an idea that she’ll be able to make happen.   I’ll be sad to see her go in February as I know that together we are a great team.

The beautiful thing about being in a team, believe it or not, lots of people love doing the things you hate. 

Marti Bartlett.

The second page follow on after, called Ripple which discusses the importance of education.  I have come to believe that a good education not only provides you with knowledge to build a career on, but a mind set to seek out more than just the facts and figures.  To understand that others have ideas and experiences beyond your own that you can apply to your life is  we call wisdom, which is certainly a skills that much of the world seems to be lacking.  Seeking wisdom by searching out other thoughts and understandings is probably the greatest skills that humans have…the one of very few things that make us human.

The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago.  The second best time is now. 

John Wood

 Don’t leave it until twenty years from now to plant your trees make this new decade count.

Happy New Year Everyone!