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When personal embarrasement becomes a worksite wide issue


Isn’t there some sort of cartoon character or figure in children’s literature who tries to be friendly but can’t help being clumsy and breaking everything and gets run out of town? Seems to ring a bell. Anyway, that’s me.     

Stephen Fry

I resemble the above remark.  I’ve never been nimble and will often trip over and sprain my ankle on thin air.  So at work I find myself the subject of a few OHS Environment Incident forms. 

Every time I scratch, twist, scrap, sprain, bruise myself out of clumsy habit it has to be detailed into one of these report mentioning how this incident occurred and how (as a workplace) we can make sure that it can’t happen again.  Don’t hire klutzes?  Hmmm, that’s not covered under equal opportunity laws.  I could be in trouble, unless they consider klutziness a disability.

At the service desk we have tall office chairs for use at the waist-high counter.  You know the sort, they have a ring of chromed tubing to rest your feet on above the five wheeled legs.  Having short legs I have to give a little backwards jump to get the bum cheeks in place.  Today, somehow, I missed.  The chair slipped away backward, crashing into the metal trolley standing behind and me San-bottom support.

I have been told I fall very gracefully.  I suggest that has to do with years of practice and that sometimes the safest place for me is on the floor.  I was less than graceful today.  The noise brought the attention of other staff, but by that time I’d picked myself up and looked innocently back.

“What was that?”  A staff member asked.

“The chair.”

“Are you okay?”  The librarian asked.


“Something I should know about?” Our Occupation Health and Safety Rep asked.

“Absolutely not!”

There’s no way I’m filling out that form.