Monthly Archives: June 2011

I do love the times I live in


This is my usual preamble before singing the praises of some new technology that has caught my imagination. Coming from a youth where the most conveniently shared audio was stored in cassettes I have a deep infatuation for podcasts and the power they symbolise.

It all started with a series of podcasted lectures by Isabella Pafford, Berkeley. Though she was over the otherside of the world, I could listen in to her lectures and even reply back to her with questions or comments. Being part of this teacher’s class is a privledge that many work hard to achieve spending vasts amount and travelling far from home. Lazy me gets to ‘sit in’ for nothing at my convience wherever I choose.

Over the past fews years I’ve been a regular listener to The Black panel podcast, a group of friends talking video games and gaming news. It’s great, and as it’s a podcast I can listen on a drive home, while eating lunch, even while watching television. Now there’s a bit of an off-shoot, Nerd culture podcast. I this podcast broadens its view and reviews classic scifi, movies, comic books and talks all things nerdy. The hosts are intelligent and funny and spend a lot of time checking out their topics, but aren’t afraid to babble like the old friends they are.

Maybe podcasts should be in my virtual museum?! A giant gold iPod with every podcast I ever listened to stored within its metal hide. But to store podcasts like cassettes in a shoebox is to defeat the point of podcasts. They need to be accessible, need to be available and above all, podcasts need to be free.

Oh, I may be a little biased, the editors asked me to fill a few blogs on gaming. Loking forward to not blogging alone.