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The Dead Path by Stephen M. Irvin


Think of the sunniest place, where it’s beautiful one day and perfect the next and plonk an old world horror right on its doorstep.  That The Dead Path by Stephen M. Irvin. 

Witches, the Greenman and the violent death of children has been haunting a suburb of Brisbane for centuries.  Our hero Nicolas Close returns to the family home after the tragic death of his wife in England.  An accident has left him haunted by the sight of the last new minutes of peoples lives played again and again in a perpetual violent loop.  On returning Nicolas is instantly drawn and terrified by the wild bushland on the suburb’s boundary.  It is from here the threat comes and to here Nicolas must eventually go if he wants to be free of the fear that’s haunted him for more than 20 years.   

Reminiscent of Stephen King’s Dead Zone and It, Stephen M. Irvin does a good job at creating a character on the verge of madness due to grief and the constant presence of the grisly dead.  Like a Stephen King story this one is excellent for character but equally good for story if you’re willing to give it the time.

I picked it up because…the blurb caught my attention, ghosts and psychic powers, I’m there. 

I kept reading because…though Nicolas is not a hero, he is intriguing and you are drawn to find out what happens to this desperate man. Just after starting this book Brisbane was flooded including much of the areas mentioned in the book.  For me it made the story very immediate.

I would recommend it to…those who love Stephen King, those who know that things can’t be all sunshine and love up there in Brisbane.