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Marty, where are you?


Marty McFly was a wonderful friend during my childhood.  His adventures through time inspired a lot of roleplay in the backyard.

So when I received an email saying that Tuesday was the day that Marty entered the future from the past, my first though was…COOL!  There was even a nice image of the time circuits with July 6  2010 date as destination.

And then I saw this site.  It of course meant that I had to watch the movie again and discovered that yes, the actual date that Marty goes to the future is 21 October 2015.  Since nearly falling for this viral email I’ve found an app for iPhone that is the time Circuit that works as a clock.  Now I’m wondering if the whole thing wasn’t a nasty advertisement for the app? Either way, I now have the app and here’s a picture.