D&D 5E – Alabaster Portal Key


The Alabaster Portal Key How do you smoothly run a weekly game if there is a lot of turnover? What if you have dedicated players, for the most part, but every week you don’t know how many will show…

Source: D&D 5E – Alabaster Portal Key


Astoundingly, I came to a similar idea myself only just this week.  As part of backstory NPC character building I’m going to place a small white (possibly alabaster) cat figurine in a dragon hoard the players will be stumbling upon sometime shortly.  It will be a trapped djinn who would have been once owned by the NPC the players will eventually meet.  Though the djinn is a scardy-cat (thus the cat statue) he his very good at moving between planes and getting from place to place.  This way I can have characters back at home base simply without massive travel and have a link to future adventures.  Though I think I will be borrowing from the Alabaster Portal for times it can be used per day “…travelling with so many, I need a rest guys…” and I think I’ll make the restriction on it being a place that the players have been, “…otherwise you could end up anywhere, and anywhere is not a fun place to be…”.


Thanks Once again Ronny.

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  1. wow! So timely, once again Ronny. I was just thinking of something similar for my group. This article helped me think about restricting the power of my figurine to once a day and to someplace the characters already know.

    • “Great minds think alike.” I like you djinn idea. It is a lot more powerful than what I had in mind, but it does give you a lot of control. The djinn, as I see him, is a little hard headed and unpredictable. He will do as he promised, but sometimes he may be slow or contrary. He responds to flattery but sulks if offended.

      • Exactly what I was thinking. It allows me to control the device without looking like I’m saying “no you can’t use that here”. The djinn will get scared or sulk or get cranky for some reason and retract into his figurine. Besides it let me borrow from popular culture. It will be fun to see if any of my players spot who the djinn is based on. 🙂

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