Saturday 24 March 2012


Sometimes in a D&D game a character gets to shine.  Yesterday was my character’s moment in the sun.  We are playing several campaigns set in Neverwinter and my dwarven cleric had been having a tough time fighting against swamp creatures, rats and crocodiles.  But…then we started a campaign that involved undead.  Yeah!  Finally all those wonderful radiant spells can be put to good effect.

Now if there’s something that 4ed can do better than 2ed is a good clerical spell.  Turn undead is this blast of positive energy that destroys or pushed back all undead around the cleric.  It would be a sight to see.  Sacred flame burst out of the heavens burning up an enemy at a distance.  Healing strike hurts enemies and heals comrades.  Cascade of light is an atomic bomb of holy spells completely wiping out a low or middle sized enemy with a thought.

Last campaign I was wondering why anyone would bother playing 4ed, it was just too hard.  This campaign….BRING IT ON!

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