New Year’s Resolution: Get to know who my neighbours are


Think of this as a cautionary tale…

A friend at work lives in a suburb that’s in the process of urban renewal.  This means that there are brand new houses surrounding older dwellings vacant lots and lots of building everywhere. 

Every morning she drives past a neighbourhood that has caught  her attention, an empty house and a few blocks of vacant land.  The first morning she witness two police investigating  large hole being dug in the vacant piece of land.  An odd enough tableaux that she noted it wondering why police would be involved in digging such a large hole.

Some of the mystery was solved when an in ground pool was delivered another day not long after but still the police seemed very interested in the plot and the unmarked police car was a regular feature in the street for a few weeks.

Then not so long ago my friend drives by the same plot of land.  Police cars are parked everywhere and beside the now installed pool surrounding a screaming hand cuffed man.  Can you really be handcuffed and taking away by a squad of police for putting in an illegal pool?  My friend wondered, but soon she found out the truth.

The vacant lot belonged to the police officer who was build his new home starting with the swimming pool.  The empty house next door had either been rented or squatted by a drug dealer.  Boy was that a mistake.  See it really does pay to get to know your neighbours.

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