Scotish Libraries are Loved


We all want to be loved. Libraries in the UK have felt particularly unloved as council’s decide they don’t need to be spending money on expensive library services. Fortunately in Scotland there’s some that disagree.

The expression of papery love started March 2011 which the mysterious arrival of tree which was quickly dubbed the “Poetree” by staff of the Scottish Poetry Library.

Then in June, the National Library of Scotland and the Filmhouse were hit with a attack of beautiful art.

Then, in July my favourite piece made an arrival at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. I particularly like the quote that came with this piece:

Once upon a time there was a book, and in the book was a nest, and in the nest was an egg, and in the egg was a dragon, and in the dragon was a story.


Then… August two appeared at theEdinburgh International Book Festival.It’s all very exciting and makes institutions all over scotland wonder who will be next.

Each piece is indivdually made for the institution they were given to, each piece is minutely detailed and completely anonymous. Many have direct or indirect to Ian Rankin’s work which adds another layer to these already fascinating pieces. I’m glad this is one Serial artist that does not require investigating by Rebus.

Many of the artworks are on display in their chosen libraries so if you’re in the area why not check them out for yourself. Oh, and check out the libraries and institutions they were given to at the same time.

For this blog I followed the links set down by Chrisdonia but as I wanted to share too I had rehashed their good work here. Thanks for sharing Chrisdonia. Check out many more images on their flickr site.

And this just in…

A year later and the guerilla artist has struck again.  See the full article here.

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