This is Ash


This is Ash. 

 Ash use to live in  a house  on Waterloo Road, Greenacre where lots of cats lived.  Every morning when I went to pick up the newspapers for work a large grey short hair would come up with a chirp and a rub of the head.  It was a good way to start the day.

 When I came back from a holiday in August the house was gone and all the cats had disappeared except for the big grey.  There are a lot of cats around Greenacre some tiny, many hungry, some very sick.  But this grey was young and healthy, friendly and interested in people.  So I took her to a vet and said I would adopt her. 

She was micro-chipped. 

By law the owner had two weeks to claim the cat.  But right the vets needed to send the cat to the pound to wait the two weeks.  Instead I took the cat home on the condition that if they did claim the cat I would return it to the vets.

 I kept her for a month without a peep from owners. 

She now lives with me, my sister, one quiet and polite dog and one loud and rude dog.  She ignores the quiet one, scares the loud one and doesn’t know what to make of us humans except that we provide the food and we’re comfortable to sit on.  Today I registered her with our local council so that if she ever gets lost again she will find her way home to us. 

We gave her the name Ash because of her colour, because the only other cat our family had owned was another grey called Smokey and it was symbolistic of her new life, rising from the ashes of the old life at the cat house on Waterloo Road.


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