A story about foolishness


This story has been going for a while and has received a lot of press as most people could see the sheer lunacy except those involved.  Of course, always close to my heart, it pertains to libraries.

The story first broke big in Federal Parliament October last year.  MP Chris Hayes made a speech to Parliament deriding Liverpool Council for closing two public libraries in his area.  The idea was they would build one large library in a new residential area thus helping to save money on the upkeep of two buildings.  As far as money goes it’s a sound plan, but the communities of Greenvalley and Miller are already disadvantaged areas, how more so when you take a vital community service and place it where they can not get to.

Regardless the council went ahead with their cost cutting plan and close the two libraries in December. They were even thinking of closing another two, Miller and Moorebank though it wasn’t on the books at the time. Their excuse was it was State Government cuts were to blame even though NSW State Government gave $500,000 to Liverpool Council to run the library that year and supports libraries throughout NSW every year. 

Finally, in February this year just before the State (and Local) election Liverpool council backed down and scrapped their plans to close the two libraries.  They said they were listening to the will of the people.  Why weren’t their ears open before? Did the protest not break up the wax build up?  Did the forty page petition not say something?  Why does money always speak louder?

Today, to prove the power of the people and to show the worth of the library system to its community a list of the busiest libraries 

So, the council that runs the busiest library system in NSW, instead of celebrating the fact and making plans to build on that success, what to completely destroy it?! A definition of foolishness if ever I heard one.

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