Emailing confusion


We’ve had email and electronic communication of that sort for a while now.  In fact a whole generation have been born and grown to adulthood in the time we’ve had email and yet some of the older generation just don’t get it. 
A main branch staff member rang up one evening wanting to talk to a staff member at my branch.  She’d gone home for the night and I asked if I could help.

‘I hope so love, she sent me an email and I just don’t understand it.’

So she read it out for me, ‘”Could you please look for a book at your convenience.  I don’t like Gloria by Kaye Umansky.” But what’s the name of the book?’

‘I don’t like Gloria’ is a cheeky picture book about a pet dog coming to terms with a new cat in the house.

 Now if this main branch staff member had been working with a Gloria that night, this misunderstanding would have been ten times funnier (or scarier depending on how you look at threatened discipline action). 

Regardless it was all I could do to stifle a laugh and tell her that our staff’s disapproval of the Gloria’s of this world is the title of the book.

“Oh, “she said once she realised her mistake, “that’s why I hate email.”

Do you think ball point pens and the printing press had this hard a time 30 years after they were first invented?

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