The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group by Catherine Jinks


What would happen to people who had been kidnapped to fight each other to death? How would that affect you? The Abused Werewolf’s Rescue Group by Catherine Jinks deals with four characters that have had to deal with just that. We see the story through the eyes of a Toby Vandevelde an average kid from Sydney’s west. His adventures  starts waking up in hospital after being found naked in a dingo enclosure at Featherdale Farm not far from his home. This leads to visits from members of the Reformed Vampires Support Group, kidnapping and imprisonment on an abandoned property near Cobar.

Location is big in this story as Toby and his mates roam around their local, Sydney and beyond as part of the story. Anyone who knows Sydney’s West can claim a working knowledge of where the boys are. For those living in the Mount Druitt area the locations could actually be a way into the story. But like the Reformed Vampires Support Group this story is driven by character, particular that of Toby and his mates. The story is also strong as it leaves you wondering what other disaster is going to befall the group of werewolves as they try to escape the Cobar property. The message that you don’t have to follow the pack across in a practical and unpatronising way.

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