The Reformed Vampires support group by Catherine Jinks


What a bunch of losers! We’ve come to expect certain abilities from our vampires in recent years. With skin as hard as marble that sparkle in sunshine instead of just falling apart into a pile of dust. Even the old style vampires had class, predators with a seductive streak.

In reality we know that none of these vampires would actually exist. Which is why Catherine Jink’s vampires in The Reformed Vampires support group ring so true. The are people that through no fault of their own have succumed to a debilitating disease that makes them super sensitive to light, forces a near death like state on them during daylight hours and gives them seroius food allergies to almost anything except one source, living blood.

Catherine’s vampires are weak creatures that eek out a existence on supplements and hand reared rodents. They are pathetic and very, very human.

So when this support group finds that one of their number has been murdered by someone who very clearly knew he was a vampire it starts a panic amongst this group of housebound invalids. All usual lines of support are closed to them so it’s up to them to discover who the murderer is before he strikes again.

We follow the groups’s adventures through the writings of Nina, who is trapped in her sickly 15 year old body. For a living she writes the sort of vampire stories mentioned above where vampires are super heros only fanging the bad guys that deserve it, but she finds that the reality of being a vampire falls severely short of the ideal.

The book has a strong story as you try to sort  through the facts with the vampires and follow their exploits, but its the character of Nina and the others in the support group that kept me reading. I’m now currently working on their next adventure so expect further reviews.

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