The Oldest Thing I Own


Roman coins

I'm a very lucky girl.

I have a fascination for Ancient Roman civilisation and Empire mostly inspired by reading Lindsey Davis Didius Falco mystery fiction. Living in these connected times I've been able to sit in on Berkley University lectures on the Emperors and their times.Working in a library has given me access to may wonderful texts on the era. Even my iPad has an app which is a 3D model of Rome with commentary.

In saying that, I personally owned nothing older than 100 years as my family is immigrant stock and not particularly rich immigrants at that. These families couldn't physically cart precious heirlooms across the world as so there were no items of great age in my home.

Until a birthday one year when my sister bought me two Roman coins, minted in Rome more than 1700 years ago. One is silver and the other a bronze alloy.

It astounds me to think that these two little pieces of metal are an unbroken link to people who lived, bought and sold in a Rome completely alien and at the same time incredible familiar almost 2000 years ago.

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