The First Time I Started Using a Computer


playing with the Amiga 1000

Thanks to my dad's love of all things techie we've had a computer in out home for long time. Remembering a time before a Commodore of some sort is hard. I do remember my dad saying as he pulled the latest baby from it's foam that this one would be dad's machine and we could use the older model. We fooled around with basic writing little programs and copying out shareware from computer magazines. In those days the goal of hundreds of typing hours was to get a game we could play. What dad did with the machines I'm not sure but play was always our ultimate goal.

The machine I remember the best, that resembles the most our modern machines was the Commodore Amiga 1000. I typed out school assignments in the GEOS program (an ancestor to Microsoft Office) and even wrote a sizable story for a bicentennial project in 1988. Though it was as incredibly slow, used the delicate 5 1/4 inch floppy discs that we weere always fear of breaking, used an operating system unintelligible today, had a processor the size of a modern watch, and only had a two colour screen (green and black I think) we knew even then that this was our medium, this was the was we would work and play in the future.

Not surprising really as in the late 80s we were already there.

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