Recent Adventures in Splurging


Man with book sitting in chair

A rostered day off is a pretty rare thing. Having one of my RDO's coincide with one of my sister's rare days off is worthy of comment and serious thought. When Cyndi Lauper happens to be in town playing gigs at our favourite theatre, State Theatre, then discussion and debate is really not required.

Everyone's 1st April should be as good.

After sleeping in and driving leisurly into town we headed for what it locally called 'The Book Block'. For those who don't know Sydney this is an area around the Queen Vic building thst includes a numb of well loved bookstores including:

Abbeys Bookshop

Galaxy Bookshop



I dragged my poor hapless sist from one to another looking for bargains, favourites and tempters and went away with bags of goodies to fill our winters evenings.

Cyndi Lauper did not disappoint, but a day out book shopping with my sister has to rate as a world class April fool's day

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