Fourth of April, let’s party!


Happy Bonzabottlers day!

I happened to be scrolling through a book of festivals a few weeks ago when I came across a reference to Bonza Bottler Day. As Bonza Bottler or Bonza is such an Australian saying I was intrigued to find out the celebration is a North American one.

A Bonza Bottler day is one that the number of the day is the same as the month…like today. The philosophy is that on this day you take the time to celebrate somehow. In this way every month has a celebration of some sort.

My celebration today is that WIFI is finally in at the local library and I am typing this to you on my iPad. It’s been a long hard battle to get WIFI and finally it is here, on the fourth of April. Ironically, it was today after a year of never being without my iPad that I left it at home. That’s the thing about celebrations they can take bit of effort and today I drove back home just to pick up my iPad.

So glad I did though. Have a great Bonza Bottler Day!

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