Postscript: Murphy’s crockery


Last year I wrote about our back luck with crockery at work

Well, the crockery from town hall finally arrived and ….we wish we’d kept the little cheap box of crockery from the local supermarket.

Firstly the grandly impressive set of plates does not include any bowls, an essential item for the reheating of soup or pasta dishes. 

Secondly the set his huge with twelve dinner plates, even more bread plates and two sizes of saucers.  This huge amount of crockery barely fits into the tiny cupboard so we’re not even more crowded than we were previous.

Thirdly, though very pretty gold trim of plates that have to go into microwaves is NOT appreciated.

We’ve had to scrounge back our old scundgy plates and bowls so we can go on eating hot food at work.

Murphy must be laughing…

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