Revenge of the Bunny Book


Somethings are just too good to discard.

Recently a book made it to my library in Sydney that belonged to a library in Melbourne. Books returned in error are nothing new, but to getone from so far away is unusual. When I got in touch with the library they informed me that it was already deleted and that instead of sending it back I could just put it into Book Sale.

The book was nothing special, a board book called “Bunny on the beach”. We did as suggested and it sat in Book Sale for a week without anyone looking at it. It seemed at that moment, Bunny on the beach was only worth deleting.

Then, in preparation for Australia Day Celebrations one our staff members collected a few books off the booksale to keep children amused in the Lost children tent at the festival. Books that no one would worry about if a someone took them. Bunny on the beach certainly qualified. Into the basket it went.

Celebrations went well and the children in the lost tent were well entertained by staff with craft colouring and the selection of books. The highlight for all children who came through was… Bunny on the beach which staff said was a life-saver for them at distracting distraught children.

At the same time my team leader came back for a beach holiday whe her little two year old learnt how wonderful the beach can be. He loved his timeon the beach so much that out came Bunny on the beach once more. Now it has a new home with a little boy who loves it.

It just shows you that just because you may think something is not worth keeping, doesn’t mean someone can’t find a place for it.

Sharon has taken it home for her little boy now as he LOVED his holiday at the beach last week.


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