What it means to be Australian…


It’s Australia Day and the media is going into a frenzy asking the question, What does it mean to be Australian?

I was pleased to hear a few people state the same answer as I would give.


Freedom doesn’t mean that you can do anything you want, but you do have the choice to be who you want to be.  Our relaxed “She’ll be right” attitude derives from the idea that anything is possible.  Freedom means you are free of fear so you can give without worrying if you’ll have enough, you can welcome others into the country without fear of losing what you have. You can live without being paranoid that other countries want to take it all away.

What’s more our freedom came not from war so the cost of that freedom is not costly, we do not demand a high price for it.  We all share in this freedom regardless of where we’ve come from, what religion we subscribe to and our current circumstances.

But like all freedom you have to choose it, make a life and go for it.  So Australia, what are you waiting for.


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