A confusion fo fairies by R.J. Anderson


Last year I read Knife (a.k.a Fairy Rebel)by R.J.Anderson in a desperate attempt to forget looming assignments.  It succeeded, until I finished the book two days later.  I just finished Rebel (a.k.a. Wayfarer) with the same results.

The Okenwilde fairies are your old school winged sort that are born from eggs left by dying mothers.  It’s been this way since The Sundering when all fairies lost their magic except for their Queen who had been away from the Oak at the time.  To say they are a dying race is an understatement.  They live in fear of everything especially crows (their mortal enemies) and the humans who live in the house nearby.

I picked up the book… because I rather like fairy books at least the more dangerous sort.  I fell in love with Holly Black’s Elves and Fairies in Tithe, Ironside and Valiant.  R.J.Anderson was recommended to me by another fairy fan and I quickly made sure they were available at the library. 

I kept reading… because the plight of the fairies is similar to may small groups who find their way of life eroded by time.  Character is a main doorway for this book (being series fiction) which suits me just fine.  I like the fairies because they’re real, even the nastier of them. 

I would recommend this book to… anyone girl who has grown too old for the Daisy Meadows books, anyone who loves Holly Black anyone who’s looking for magic in a drab mundane world.


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