Inside every sweet young thing…


For Uni I’ve been fooling around in Second Life (yeah, wouldn’t you like to study that subject?). I even went to the trouble of creating an Avatar. 

I don’t really get the Second Life experience wandering around in an artificial world, though I must admit the tour with my Uni group was pretty fun.  I guess everything is more fun with friends.

After the tour one of the girls from the group and I went looking for a shop to find some new clothes (that’s what girls do).  I have to say I probably went a little crazy trying one after another of the clothes available.  Some of the sets didn’t come through as expected or as fast as I’d like and so I’d try another.  It wasn’t going too bad until I tried one of the suits meant for a male body shape.  I didn’t know what the results of that would be, but I was hoping there’d be something I could use in a final outfit.  What I didn’t expect was happened.

My petite dark girl with long black hair became this hulking (I meant it, 2.7m tall) white bloke with no hair.  But he did have her eyes and her coffee.  The leather jacket she was wearing wasn’t big enough for him to wear so it hangs in shreds around his massive biceps exposing is rather lovely lace bra.  I call this one “But I’m pretty on the inside…).

Now I don’t know if I’m going to get much of a chance to take my pretty young lass out into Second World, but I know I won’t be able to look at her without thinking of that hulk hiding there inside.


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    • That’s good, so did we. There were tears streaming down my face and the woman I was with could string a sentence together so was laughing so hard. I love the cup of coffee and the look on her face. Priceless.

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