Always time for the machine: The Time Machine by H.G.Wells


The Time Machine is a story I go back to from time to time .  Though a simple story the speculation about how the world will be hundreds of thousands of years into the future breathtaking.  The discussion about time being the fourth dimension that we travel through (albeit in one direction), the state of the world and humankind in the distant future where the area of London is far warmer and tropical and two classes (ruling and working classes)  grow into two distinct races (the Eloi and Morlocks).

I had to think long and hard for the gateway for this book.  Character is almost nonexistent, a mere construct to give a voice to the musings. But maybe that’s a good thing as he becomes the everyman, not a specific person.  Storyline or Plot is certainly a major on several levels.  As you’re lead through the adventures of the Time Traveller you also share in his scientific meanderings which you (and him) to unexpected conclusions.  Language is plain, only made usual by the 120 years from when it was first written.  Setting may play a minor role as the Time Traveller goes into detail about the world 802,701 a.d.

I love H.G.Well’s use of the current science to create a convincing story that even today is hard to fault as a serious work of science fiction.


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