Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte


After last year’s Librarians’ Reading Challenge I’ve been inspired to continue my reading  and commenting of wonderful books.  I’ve started the year with a wonderful novel I can’t believe I haven’t got to before, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

I was really impressed with the character of Jane Eyre as she grows from a precocious child to an independent woman.  She learns that she can not be happy in life only giving part of who she was.  Earlier with Rochester she could not live with him as his mistress though she loved him deeply because it would go against her moral code.

And again later she was found she would not be true to herself if she married her cousin, St. John Rivers who had no love but would be highly respectable.

She a small woman with a large zest for life.  At one time she describes herself as ‘fire’ in contrast to St. John Rivers ‘ice’. That fire got her into trouble with her adopted family early in the story and drives her to never be content with what life give her.  On the other hand she also learns to temper her fire with a serious and practical mind that intrigues the men in her life.  Nice to know men do like women with brains.

In the end her patience and endurance are rewarded with everything that a woman at that time could wish, an independent fortune and a good marriage.  Fortunately for us today, she also finds her in a marriage of equals that are each other’s lives.  Even today us girls can just sigh and wistfully admire her luck.

Gateway for this story is most certainly character with a nod to language due to its age, in particular are Jane’s arguments for her own mind.


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