Round up of 2010


My very first post on this blog ended up being a round up of a particularly interesting year.  Recently I found myself on Justine Larbalestier’s blog (Team Unicorn forever!) and its  end of year post.

Inspired I decided to look back on my 2010 with the help of my blog posts.

On the blog 2010 has been a great year as I celebrated my 200th and 300th posts as well as 400th comment.  As a consequence there’s been a huge jump in spam to the site as well.  Thank you and Akismet!  There’s also been a tonal change to the blog with far more personal stories rather than the comments on the dumb and ridiculous in the world.  I must have enough dumb and ridiculous things in my life without importing any.

March saw me take a flying trip to Perth to see family and the sights.  Since my visit my Nonno (Italian Grandfather) has since been put into a nursing home as it was just too hard for him to live at home anymore.  I feel very fortunate to have seen him at his home of more than 30 years and spent time with him.  It gave me an insight into his life I’ve never know and was able to share in a number of posts (Stories from the old country part one, two and three).

I also went back to University to complete a course I started exactly ten years previously.  though for work, it’s make me think I’d love to do a course on a subject I’m passionate about, not just working in that field.  Maybe this is the start of my lifelong career as a student.

Last year I (and eventually my whole family) joined the iPad Posse…ur…we got iPads.  I love mine and spend most of mine waking hours on it doing one thing or another.  My uni modules are on it as pdfs, my email and even this blog is accessible via a wi-fi network…as well as play a stack full of games.  Current favourite is Free Books which is not a free app but does give access to a massive amount of classic ebooks and audiobooks. Awesome.

The World Cup was on for the first ever time in Africa and Australia was hoping for a big World Cup.  Well it was a BIG World Cup, but not for Australia thanks to injury, bad planing, bad luck and dodgy decisions.

We voted last year for a new Federal government and ended with a satisfactory result.  It was the problem that all inexperienced leaders make.  The two main parties were so busy trying to be friends to the Australian people they forgot to just show leadership qualities we were happy to follow.

We celebrated three years in the house and wondered where the time went.  Last year we changed all the old wooden windows for new aluminium ones and can now get a breath of fresh air inside and outside.

And what about 2011?  Well I’m continuing my commitment to blog at least once a week (victory dance for 2010) and continue my studies so I can  complete this BA sometime in the new decade.


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