All in the perspective


Our regular nuisance came to the library today and stirred up trouble by spouting his own brand of atheist pseudo-scholarly nonsense.  Christians and Muslims alike looked at him with derision as he proclaimed that Moses commited genocide on his people and the Phoenicians (the ancestors to the Lebanese people of today) were an idol worshipping baby killing nation of savages.

With a laugh he leaves and we were left in the wake of his half ridiculing, disrespectful nonsense.

Where the a Christian, Jew or Muslim sees the stories of the years of Israel’s wandering in the wilderness as a time of proving for the nation, the casting off of a generation use to the luxuries of Egypt and the birth of a new and nation ready to claim the land of Canaan as their own, our ‘friend’ sees a nation murdered by a brutal dictator.  Where most see the Phoenicians as a strong trading nation that traveled the Mediterranean as their personal sea touching every nation of the area, our ‘friend’ sees only an awful religious practise.

Perspective is a powerful influence on everything in our lives and for most it is silent and unfelt.  But if we are to live better with each other we HAVE to know and acknowledge the things that create our view of the world.  Culture, age, events all change how we view the world and unless we recognise that those things do make an impact we are slaves to them, reacting only as they dictate like animals and never being  human beings. 

It is the difference between humans and animals that humans knows they are animal and changes his behaviour to act contrary to that animal nature. 

I think that being a human being  is my resolution for the year.  At least, knowing the strength of the human animal, I’m going to give it a good try.


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