You think you have weird weather…


I’m usually pretty skeptical when people point to a sudden storm in storm season, a strong gust of wind in Autumn or Spring and claim global warming.  There are seasonal differences to weather and if we didn’t spent our whole lives insides glass boxes we may recognise most weird weather as seasonal variations.

And then we have last week.  Stephen Fry recently exclaimed over snow in Provence and though that’s as likely as Sydney getting snow in winter, that too has happened in recorded history.  It is a season variation, it is winter after all.

But last week opened even my eyes to weird weather.  In the middle of December, two week officially into Summer that can provide temperatures above 40 centigrade, it snowed!  In some regions on Monday (20) the temperature fell to -7 centigrade, the same temperature that London in the middle of winter was experiencing.

It looks like parts of Australia may experience a white Christmas instead of the usual white hot one.


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