Counting the beat… Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynrd


Being a child of the 70s it is not surprising that songs of that era would make an impact.  It is interest then that I only became aware of Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynrd in recent years through the soundtrack to Almost Famous.

Soundtracks for movies are a great way of discovering new songs.  Pieces are chosen with great care for an emotional response, to create a mood and enhance our understanding of the story.  In this way, Simple Man is the theme of Almost Famous.

The song, written in an hour, was the condense advice of two band members matriarchs (mother and grandmother) who

had recently died.  The band’s early reputation of a hard-drinking, hard fighting group obviously didn’t mean they had bad relationships with their mothers.

This song reminds me of my 70’s childhood where all songs sounded like this one and life was simple.

Simple Man is an example of a perfect rock ballad.  Full of raw (though tender) emotion, brutally honest in a gentle way, this song should probably be the cradle song for every baby boy.

Other songs in the Counting the beat…countdown

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