Counting the beat… Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata


As I count down to my 300th post I thought I’d look as a very special part of my life that I haven’t covered in any great detail here in my blog.  Music.

In choosing songs for my “Counting the beat…” countdown I was looking for songs that have really moved me for one reason or other.  Some are just masterly crafted works of art, some twist your senses so well around their staves that your driven not by your own emotions but by those instilled in the music.  Some of course are just in my countdown because their personally significant and I couldn’t do without them in my life.

Starting the countdown is a piece of unrequited love written by the composer of angst and passion, Beethoven.  It is the Moonlight Sonata(Sonata in C Sharp) (mp3).

This is the man who penned the undelivered love letter to The Immortal Beloved.  A man who fell in love with many of this students but in the end, beloved by no one.  Admired, awed, appeciated in his own time but never loved.

Beethoven, already famous for outrageously flamboyant music that made him a superstar, penned the Moonlight Sonata for one of his young students,Countess Giulietta Gucciardi.  In saying that, it was inspired by the untimely passing of a friend so in that sense it is a funeral song.

For me, the song has always been one of restrained passion, firmly held in check by a gentle hand.  There’s grief, but only for what could have been, a melancholy “what if…” .It is my ideal of a gentle-man.  It is Sir Percy Blakeney of Scarlet as he restrained himself from revealing his emotions to the woman he believe a betrayer.  A romantic ideal that even I laugh at.

Regardless many people are by this song for whatever reasons.  Treasured for more than 200 years it is destined to continue to inspire for centuries to come.

Other songs in the Counting the beat… countdown

Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynrd

Silent Night

Private Universe by Crowded House


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