My treasures part 8: The hills are alive…


I sing.  It could be my motto for life.  I love good music.  Music that moves you physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It’s only natural that it should have a place in my Virtual museum.

But should I represent music?  Though it has various physical representations, a CD and sheet music are not music in themselves.  A musicial instrument is just a well designed object, a LP just a piece of lumpy plastic.  Even the pictures I’ve used to decorate this blog is not music, only a symbols that reminds you of music.

These things are potential music, storage for the recordings of music, but none of them would fill you with any feel about what music is if you saw them in my virtual museum.  Actually,  to see music could be considered by most people as impossible.  Those who do see music are rare and special.

Music was our first language, you can still see it today.  Children respond to music almost instantly where they just stare dumbly at words.  As such it is universal and transcends all barriers humans create.

 Our bodies make music.  Our heartbeat, the rhythm of breath,  our voice, a slap of hands and stomp of feet. The rhythm of walking, the swing and lilt of speech.  Instruments only allow us to extend our music to different textures, pitches, volumes.  What I love most about music is when we work together to create it.  One person can create music, but it’s not powerful until people coordinate their music making.  That’s real magic.

So, how do I resolve my problem with music in my virtual museum?  Not sure, but it will fun finding out!


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