What tickles my fancy


I was flicking through one of those awful women’s magazines, the ones you love to hate but find yourself reaching for at morning tea time.  Mostly they’re full of people who are famous just for being famous.  Many times the gossip is malicious and cruel, not something that makes my morning tea cuppa taste any sweeter. 

Yesterday though my aimless flipping  I was arrested  by this image.

I don’t know who the woman is, it seem her and her family are those fame without substance individuals I alluded to above.  Actually she wasn’t what caught my attention, and I don’t think I’m alone.

Underneath the sole of the massive prop shoe was this little character looking a little bewildered by all the noise and activity.  It’s like he’s saying the exact same thing I was, “Who the hell is that?”  The caption and it’s placement also makes me think that the editor though the same thing to.


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